107. Gaultheria Mucronata Bells

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Pernettyas known as 'Prickly Leaf) are compact hardy evergreen shrubs with attractive small leaves. Their common namesuggests they may be thorny, but they are not. Attractive, shaped, dark green, glossy leaves with small, white flowers adorning the branches in late spring followed by dark wine berries that last into winter. like sparkling jewels nestled throughout the foliage, Very easy to grow in a semi and a moist soil.

Also known as prickly heath, this is a compact, bushy red stemmed shrub with glossy dark green leaves that turn bronze in autumn.

Produces delicate bell shaped white flowers, followed by attractive dark wine-purple fruit that last well into winter.

Suitable for any low maintenance garden or mixing with other evergreens in seasonal planters.

Grows well in good soil with plenty of organic matter and compostm in partial or full shade.

Pernettya plants ideal for mixing with other evergreens in seasonal planters which help to provide colour and interest well into autumn, winter and even the following spring.

Supplied as a 2lt pot. Height up to 1m and spread of 1.5m over period of 10-20 years.